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This page is to make you more familiar with the parts of orchids and flowers and their names. We will be using these names in the Tutorials.

1:Sepals, 2:Petals, 3: Labellum,

4: Anther, 5: Rostellum

The labellum (or Lip) is part of an Orchid, that serves to attract insects that pollinate the flower, and acts as a landing platform for those insects.

The labellum is a modified petal and can be distinguished from the other petals and from the sepals by its large size and its often irregular shape. It is not unusual for the other two petals of an orchid flower to look like the sepals, so that the labellum stands out as distinct.

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Calyx: the outer whorl of sepals; typically these are green.

Corolla: the whorl of petals, attract insects that help the process of pollination.

Androecium: (from Greek andros oikia: man's house) one or two whorls of stamens.

Gynoecium: (from Greek gynaikos oikia: woman's house) one or more pistils. The female reproductive organ is the Carpel: this contains an ovary with ovules (which contain female gametes).

A Pistil may consist of a number of carpels merged together.

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