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Making a hidden leaf stem

Here you see how to make a hidden stem. The leaf stem is glued between two thin layers of clay. Roll a sheet in the pasta machine on position 3 and a sheet on position 2. Cut a straight edge to each sheet and start with the thickest sheet under. Press the cutter gently to make the shape of the leaf in the clay visible,

this is to determine the place for the stem. Apply glue to a steel wire No. 26 and place it in the middle of the leaf. Repeat for more leaves, open the plastic foil from the second sheet and place it on top of the first sheet. Remove the foil from the second sheet. Now close the foil again and rub away all air bubbles between the two layers of clay, do this very carefully to ensure all air bubbles disappear. Open the foil and use the cutter to cut out the leaves from the clay. Remove the excess clay, roll it into a ball and store in an air-tight box for later use. Rub the edges carefully to make the leaf edges thinner.