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Properties of DaisyClay

Here we show some of the unique Properties of DaisyClay. When the clay is first opened, it must be soft and supple. Knead the clay thoroughly before use.

Use Water Colour from a tube to  mix with the DaisyClay to give it colour, for darker coloured petals, leaves and stems.

See how after adding Water Colour the clay retains its unique properties. DaisyClay takes on the patterns from vein stamps perfectly and retains the desired shape after manipulating it with tools. It does not deteriorate or dry fast or becomes hard after adding Water Colour. DaisyClay can be rolled out in a pasta machine to very thin sheets which can be further shaped by using cutters, vein stamps and modelling tools. When painted, the objects, if not fully dry absorb colour, so the colour is there to stay. After drying, your flowers will have a natural look and feel. DaisyClay dries with a satin gloss and does not break,

the clay dries firm but still flexible, so your precious clay flowers will be resilient to a little rough handling.


DaisyClay was designed to be mixed with Water Colour.

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