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Using Water Colour

The way to give DaisyClay colour is to use Water Colour from a tube. This contrasts with the traditional way of colouring clay with Oil Colour. When adding Oil Colour to DaisyClay the properties of the clay change a lot and this is not desirable. The clay will become brittle, dry too fast and lose its elasticity. DaisyClay is designed to mix with Water Colour from a tube. Start by rubbing some Pond’s on your fingers. Add small amounts of Water Colour to the clay and knead well until the desired colour is obtained. Keep in mind the color gets darker when the clay dries. If the clay sticks to your fingers apply some Pond’s cream on your fingers again and knead well. Don’t worry if your fingers get stained, this can easily be removed with water and soap. If the clay is still a bit too firm to your liking, add some drops of water and knead this well into the clay. See also “Repairing DaisyClay”.